Why Is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages?

When it comes to Epson printers, as a user, you would understand that they stand for excellence. But, from time to time, there is a high possibility that the printer might face issues. One of the common issues we have on hand today is the Epson printer, printing blank pages. We will answer your question, “why is my Epson printer printing blank pages?
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Check the ink cartridge :

  1. Begin the process by conducting the first, obvious check of making sure there is sufficient ink in the ink cartridges.
  2. Make a note that the ink cartridges should be free of any damage or errors.
  3. Replace the ink cartridges if needed. Additionally, it is important to note that the ink cartridges should be Epson brand.
  4. For the best results, discard other brands and only insert Epson ink cartridges.

Check the quality of the paper :

  1. Note that the paper used in the printer should be of good quality.
  2. If the paper used is not of good quality, then the sheets should be replaced.
  3. Replace the existing sheets of paper with the right quality sheets.
  4. This can avoid paper jams and resolve issues such as the printer not printing.

Check connectivity issues :

  1. For print commands to be sent to the printer, there should be uninterrupted communication.
  2. Both the printer and the device should be connected to a wireless connection.
  3. The wireless connection should be active and functioning stably.
  4. Place the Epson printer near the wireless router for better connection.
  5. If there are further issues, then restart wireless connection.
  6. If the printer is connected using a USB cable, ensure that the connection is intact.

Restart the Epson printer :

  1. There could be underlying issues with the printer that are causing it to not print.
  2. While the Epson printer is powered up, remove the power cord to turn it off.
  3. Note that the power cord should be removed from the rear of the printer.
  4. Then, the power cord should be removed from the power supply.
  5. Remove the power cord and allow it to remain idle for a few minutes.
  6. Connect the power cord back to the printer and power it up.

Other issues the user should check to resolve the issue of the Epson printer not printing are below.

  1. Check the Epson printer driver for an update.
  2. Complete a check to ensure there are no damages or issues with the printer.
  3. Check the stability of the connection between the printer and the device.

If there are further issues despite making these changes, then you have the option of getting in touch with us to be able to assist you with hand-held guidance to resolve the issue of the Epson printer, not printing.

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