Epson XP-640 Printer offline issue

 Getting irritated with the Printer’s Offline issues on your busy schedule? Relax, we have an instant solution to get relief from it. Connect through the Epson XP-640 printer official page and start the troubleshooting procedure with reference to the provided guidelines. Monitor the printer and its function to easily deduct the error cause which can be solved using the below steps.

How to fix Epson XP-640 printer offline issues on windows

  1. Start the troubleshooting process by ensuring the printer’s basic needs and proceed with screen settings.
  2. Now, open the command tab, by using the Windows + R keys together on your keyboard.
  3. Once you see the Run command tab, type- the Control panel and choose the Enter option.
  4. Just connect through the control panel and choose the required option- Devices & Printers.
  5. Wait for the list of available printer names, and choose the required Epson XP-640 printer from the list on your windows system support.
  6. Wait and search for the required printer name using the list and right-click on the Epson printer name.
  1. Next, connect through the drop-down menuto prefer the option- See what is printing.
  2. If you are unable to peep out the visible checkmarks near the options, connect through the Printer option and activate the option- Set Printer Online.

How to fix Epson XP-640 printer offline issues on Mac

  1. First, you have to start the Interface connection between the Epson XP-640 printer and Mac system using the active network & power connection.
  2. Try to deduct any sort of loose-connection and confirm with the required settings.
  3. Get nearby to the Mac system and actively use the Apple Menu.
  4. Then, you have to proceed with the System Preferences option and pick the option- Printers & Scanners.
  5. Connect via the next page to proceed with the Printers & Scanners section and choose the desired Epson XP-640 printer name.
  6. On the upcoming screen, hit the Printer option and check whether the printer is under active printer status using the Default printer option.
  7. Attempt to Restart once and go with the Mac system with Epson XP-640 printer setup for colorful prints.
  8. If you need any sort of doubts on Offline troubleshooting- Call Our Technical Team for instant Assistance.

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