Epson WF 3540 Troubleshooting

Epson WF 3540 printer delivers high-quality outputs easily and quickly. However, it might cause some problems. It includes printer offline error and Epson WF 3540 driver unavailable problems. As a result, we are explaining the methods to solve both problems. With the methods given below, you will be able to resolve the problems without any hassle.

Epson WF 3540 offline issue for Windows & Mac

Windows :

If the Epson WF 3540 printer shows an offline error while printing from a Windows device, then use the steps below and make the printer online.

  • Reboot the Epson WF-3540 printer
  • Wait until the rebooting process finishes. 
  • Ensure that the Epson WF 3540 printer is in connection with the computer.
  • Then, make sure that the computer has a wireless network
  • Access the Start menu on the computer.
  • Open the Run Dialog Box. 
  • Now, you have to enter the “control panel” on the search bar. 
  • Continue and choose the Devices and Printers option. 
  • A list of printers will appear on the device screen. 
  • Choose your Epson WF printer and right-click on it. 
  • Click- See what’s printing and click on the Printer menu. 
  • Remove the tick mark from the “Use Printer Online” option. 
  • The Epson WF 3540 printer will become now. 
  • Lastly, try printing with Epson WF 3540 printer.



    If the Epson WF 3540 printer is showing an offline error, then make it online using the procedure given below:

    • Power up the Mac computer and choose the Apple menu. 
    • After that, access the System Preferences section. 
    • Go to the section – Printer and Scanner and choose your Epson WF printer.
    • Right-click on the Epson printer name and select- Reset Printing System.
    • Provide the user name and password of your Mac computer and continue. 
    • The printer list will appear again on the screen.
    • Choose the Plus symbol and add Epson WF 3540 printer as per the wizard steps. 
    • The Epson WF 3540 printer will be online now.
    • Finally, try to print with Epson WF 3540 printer. 

Epson WF 3540 Driver unavailable for Windows & Mac

If the Epson WF 3540 driver is not available on Windows and Mac devices, then solve the problem using the steps below:

  • Choose the Start menu of your Windows device. 
  • Type- Check for updates in the search bar.
  • Continue and the device will start checking for the pending or latest updates. 
  • If you see any updates on the screen, then update them.
  • Delete the installed Epson WF 3540 driver from the computer.
  • Download the compatible version Epson Work Force WF 3540 driver on the device. 
  • Run the compatible version Epson printer driver file on the device.
  • Continue with the on-screen procedure for driver setup. 
  • Complete the driver setup process.
  • After that, ensure that the cable connections are perfect in the printer. 
  • Restart the Epson WF-3540 printer

Final Thoughts

We believe that you have understood how to resolve the Epson printer driver’s unavailable and printer offline problems. However, if you need more clarification on this, feel free to call our customer support experts. Our expert team is ready to guide you.

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