Epson WF 2860 Driver

The Epson WF-2860 is an all-in-one inkjet printer. It has an apt scanner that has tremendous details and supports high quality scanning. The printer has an Automatic Document Feeder that provides the printer with papers for flawless printing. 

You can print extensively common file categories from its companion app. Make sure to download and install an apt Epson WF 2860 driver onto the system.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Setup Instructions

  • Take the Epson WF 2860 printer from the carton.
  • Clear out all the protective stickers inside and outside the printer.
  • Examine the printer for any damages.
  • Ensure the printer box has all the accessories.
  • Keep the Epson printer on an even surface close to a wall outlet
  • Plug it into a wall outlet using the power chord.
  • Turn ON the Epson printer.
  • Load the paper tray with new printing paper.
  • Remove the ink cartridges, sealing tapes and fix them into the cartridge slots.
  • Complete the Epson WF 2860 printer setup and turn ON the router.
  • Link the Epson printer and the computer to a stable wireless network. Select any report and take a test print.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Driver

Epson WF 2860 Printer Driver For Windows

  • Turn ON the PS. Link the printer and the PC to a Wi-Fi.
  • Click browser in windows. Go to Epson’s official website and search for the Epson WF 2860 printer driver to download the driver.
  • Click twice on the driver folder and complete the Epson printer driver installation on windows.
  • Restart the device and press the settings > Printers and scanners
  • It displays a list of the available printer. Select the Epson printer and click the add button.
  • Now choose any document in the windows. Take a sample print.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Driver For MAC

  • Turn ON MAC and the Epson printer. Link the Epson Workforce WF 2860 printer and the MAC to a wireless network.
  • Visit the browser in the Visit the official website of Epson > printer support.
  • Follow the on-screen directions. Complete the Epson WF 2860 driver download on MAC.
  • After installation, restart the MAC.
  • Click the Apple icon > system preference > printers and scanners
  • The driver will automatically add the Epson printer and take sample print.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Network Setup

Epson WF 2860 Wireless Setup

  • Switch on the Epson printer and router. Complete the Epson printer basic setup.
  • Click the Home button > Wi-Fi setup > Choose Wi-Fi recommended option and press OK.
  • Press the Wi-Fi Setup wizard option and press ok.
  • Choose the required Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the password and click OK.
  • Complete the Epson WF 2860 printer Wi-Fi setup.
  • Connect the PS to the same network.
  • Now print or scan any document from the computer
  • The Epson WF 2860 printer Wireless connection is successful.

Epson WF 2860 Wi-Fi Setup

  • Turn ON the printer and the computer.
  • Access the browser.
  • Install the Epson iprint from the browser.
  • Access the Epson iprint.
  • Press the plus symbol to search for the Epson Workforce WF 2860 printer.
  • Print or scan any files from the computer device using the Epson iprint.
  • The connection for the Epson printer is successful.

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Epson WF 2860 Printer Troubleshooting

Epson WF 2860 Printing Blank Pages

  • Check if the cartridges are in good condition. Check its print head has any blocks.
  • If the cartridges are empty, replace them with the new ones.
  • Remove the printing sheets from the input tray. Place brand new high-quality paper input tray.
  • Check the Epson WF 2860 printer driver could have any issues. Uninstall the Epson printer driver.
  • Visit the Epson official website and reinstall the latest version of the driver.
  • Reboot the computer. Click the start settings > printers and scanners > Add the Epson printer.
  • Ensure the Epson printer is printing. Now print any file to conduct a printing test.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Offline

  • Unplug all the cable wire connected to the printer.
  • Boot up the printer and the PC and again reconnect the printer to the same power source.
  • Turn ON the router with a good internet connection. Link the printer and the windows with the wireless connection.
  • Update the computer OS to the latest version and reboot the computer system.
  • Make sure to update the Epson printer driver.
  • Make the printer as default and open the control panel.
  • Check the ink cartridge slots for any blocked nozzles and run a test print to complete it.

Epson WF 2860 printer won't connect to Wi-Fi

Switch ON the PS and visit the browser.

  • Visit the Epson website and download the software update utility combo to solve this problem.
  • Now try to connect the printer with the wireless network using the network settings.
  • If it shows an error while connecting with the router.
  • Reset and reinstall the Epson printer on the PC.
  • Click the start button and R button to open the Run box.
  • Access the control panel > printers and scanners.
  • Press the Epson printer to add the printer and hit properties > ports.
  • Examine whether applicable ports are connected. Clear the cache and continue the Epson WF 2860 printer setup.

Epson WF 2860 Printer Reset

  • Turn ON the computer > control panel > home button > setup option.
  • Go to the system administrator and enter the password.
  • Go below and select the Restore Default settings
  • Change the setting to reset like Wi-Fi/Network, Copy, Scan, Fax in the settings options.
  • Finally, press the yes option and complete the Epson printer factory reset.