How to fix Epson Printer ET-3750 not printing issue?

Want peaceful and comfortable printing work without any interruption? Yes, to stay away from the printer not printing issues, we have below steps to be followed. You can also have the support of the Epson ET-3750 Official website to refer the printer-related basic needs and configuration while the process of troubleshooting. Here, we have resolving steps for both Windows and Mac systems.

For Windows:

  1. Initially, try to open and access using the windows system settings by initiating through the Run command (Windows key+ R) or search tab.
  2. Type the control panel settings option.
  3. Carry out using the Printers & Scanners section and look whether the printer is registered to the active windows system or not. If not done, continue below.
  4. Then, you have to hit the plus sign near the Add printers or Scanners option, if you haven’t registered the printer previously.
  5. Connect through the list of available printer names to choose the desired Epson ET-3750 Printer nearby.
  6. After adding the printer, try to ensure with the trial print work.
  7. Yet, unable to print, move on with the windows settings and right-click to the Epson printer name to inspect the printer’s mode.
  8. Tap on the option- See what’s printing? Option by opening the queues. Eventually, use the same option like Printers & Scanners>Open print queues> Printer menu >right-click to the Epson printer to check whether it is under offline mode. 

Try to mark the checkbox nearby the option- Use printer online option

For Mac:

  1. Initially, you have to use the Printers & Scanners windows > Options & Supplies option> Supply levels tabs.
  2. Try to utilize the recommended or quality ink cartridges for your Epson ET-3750 printer setup.
  3. For the quality output, use the Premium or Epson-recommended ink cartridges to install. If you suspect your ink cartridges are not consistent, try to adjust them immediately to avoid smudge & faded prints.
  4. Then, you have to clean the print head on the regular basis either manual or using the system settings.
  5. Hit the Utility tab and prefer the printer’s Options & Supplies window. 
  6. Carry out using the option- Open Printer Utility > Clean Printheads > Clean. Next, you have to follow the given on-screen prompts to complete the cleaning process.
  7. If the previously done printing output is under smear or faded quality issues, try to clean all the clogs immediately.
  8. Try to use the cotton ball to wipe out all the splashed ink or dirt near the ink cartridge nozzle.
  9. Finally, restart the printer once and start the print work.

Final Thoughts

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